Greetings wanderer and we bid you welcome to Exvius, a crystal guardian claim clique based from Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy series franchise. Your site holds a vulnerable crystal that needs to be protected from Dark Lord Veritas and the darkness as they lurk around everywhere in search to destroy all crystals. Summon your Final Fantasy character of your choice to become your ally to guard your crystal. This content was originally started by Evey and we wanted to continue this trend because who doesn't love cliques and pixels/sprites?


Below are a list of allies protecting a crystal and is sorted by the site's name.

Folka protects Aelysia!

Rinoa protects Caelestis!

Agrias protects Ephemeral Dream!

Fran protects Gensoukai!

Terra protects Hylia!

Edea protects Invidia!

Aerith protects Kuchiki!

Lightning protects Lightning!

Faris protects Lost Boy!

Lulu protects Midnight Cloud!

Prompto protects Missing Nin!

Quistis protects Oubliette!

Freya protects Omfg!

Celes protects Psyche!

Sephiroth protects Ratpilled!

Lightning protects Redcrown!

Y'shtola protects Reverie!

Rydia protects Rydia!

Terra protects Shattered Memories!