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Exvius is a clique (or club which is used interchangeably) debuted on 2020 and is a pixel revival project after the original Crystal Guardian clique, owned by Evey, disappeared off the net. The name was derived from the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius which I played on mobile years ago. Much like fanlistings, pixel cliques were very popular during the early 2000s where some bigger cliques congregated and created practically anything under the sun. Due to technological and sociological web advancement, many personalized hand-made websites rapidly declined. Although there are only a few number of cliques, revived or new, they are again slowly reemerging to revive the rich history that was once lost on the internet years ago.

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* Layout Info

Version 2 of Exvius features the main protagonists in various Final Fantasy installments using the beautiful design of Nomura Tetsuya. The idea of changing to a new layout was kept in limbo for an amazingly long time. Still, I'm proud to say I've finished it as the previous theme was in a dire need of change. This design is best viewed on resolutions 1600x900 or higher. Fonts used are Playfair Display, Fjalla One, Roboto Condensed, and Alegreya Sans. To view other major resources, you can find them via Memento.

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