66 Crystals Guarded ★

Below are a list of allies protecting a crystal and are listed in alphabetical order according to their domain/subdomain name.

Garland protects 200ORIFICE!

Zack protects 2seaters!

Folka protects Aelysia!

Freya protects Ame's Cat Kingdom!

Noel protects Arunyi!

Aerith protects Astral Statis!

Auron protects Bechno Kid's Hideout!

Rikku protects Beyond!

Rinoa protects Caelestis!

Gladiolus protects CAZDOESTUFF!

Celes protects Celes!

Snow protects cherrygloss!

Tifa protects Coeurl!

Cloud protects cyberspacegf!

Bartz protects Daryl Sun!

Kadaj protects Dolly Cuddles!

Sephiroth protects DUCK ZONE!

Hein protects Eggs & Mint!

Yunalesca protects Engels Beginning!

Agrias protects Ephemeral Dream!

Rikku protects Furbee!

Lulu protects Gaia!

Fran protects Gensoukai!

Terra protects Hoshi!

Terra protects Hylia!

Aerith protects Inkcaps!

Yuna protects Japan Tea Club!

Red XIII protects Juriettoo!

Ingus protects Key404!

Aerith protects Kuchiki!

Lightning protects Lightning!

Faris protects Lost Boy!

Rinoa protects Lover's Moon!

Yuna protects Lovesick!

Rufus protects makoenergy!

Lulu protects Midnight Cloud!

Prompto protects Missing Nin!

Vanille protects Mizuki's World!

Serah protects Moonside Dreams!

Ravus protects Moudoku!

Setzer protects Nailgun!

Tifa protects Nenetl!

Ignis protects Niles!

Freya protects Omfg!

Quistis protects Oubliette!

Cloud protects Philia995!

Locke protects PKLucky's Beachside Lounge!

Yuna protects POMELO!

Celes protects Psyche!

Sephiroth protects Ratpilled!

Kuja protects Raveyard!

Lightning protects Redcrown!

Y'shtola protects Reverie!

Rydia protects Rydia!

Terra protects Shattered Memories!

Yuffie protects Silent!

Vivi protects Stef with an F!

Aerith & Red XIII protects Tainted Wingz!

Rinoa protects Vampire Aster!

Y'shtola protects Vampire Smile!

Hope protects VenCake!

Vincent protects Virtual Vampire!

Vincent protects Witchlighter!


Thancred protects wormworld!

Genesis protects Yuriev Institute!