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Hail adventurer to Exvius, a Final Fantasy Crystal Guardian pixel web clique based from Square Enix's mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, maintained by Aelyn. Claiming that humanity has committed grievous sins, Veritas of the Dark is determined to shatter all of the crystals found across the land. Your site holds a vulnerable crystal and it's up to your crystal guardian of your choice to protect it. If you enjoy this type of content, please don't forget to sign the guestbook.

60 members (+1 pending) listed as of July 9, 2024

Aerith protects Caitsith!

Aerith protects Kuchiki!

Aerith protects Inkcaps!

Aerith protects FAWNOFTHEWIRED!

Aerith protects The Lunar Stopwatch!

Aerith & Red XIII protects Tainted Wingz!

Auron protects Bechno Kid's Hideout!

Bartz protects Daryl Sun!

Celes protects Celes!

Celes protects Psyche!

Celes protects Route Venus!

Cloud protects Philia995!

Eiko protects Neko no Kuni!

Faris protects Lost Boy!

Folka protects Aelysia!

Fran protects kwaamfan's website!

Fran protects Gensoukai!

Freya protects Omfg!

Genesis protects Yuriev Institute!

Gladiolus protects FAIRSKIEZ!

Hein protects Eggs & Mint!

Ignis protects Niles!

Ingus protects Key404!

Kadaj protects Dolly Cuddles!

Kain protects Artemisia!

Kuja protects Raveyard!

Laguna protects hauntedgraffiti!

Lightning protects Redcrown!

Lightning protects Lightning!

Locke protects PKLucky's Beachside Lounge!

Lulu protects Midnight Cloud!

Lulu protects Gaia!

Noel protects Arunyi!

Prompto protects Missing Nin!

Quistis protects Oubliette!

Ravus protects Moudoku!

Red XIII protects Juriettoo!

Rikku protects Furbee!

Rikku protects Beyond!

Rinoa protects Caelestis!

Rinoa protects Vampire Aster!

Rinoa protects Lover's Moon!

Rufus protects makoenergy!

Sephiroth protects Ratpilled!

Sephiroth protects DUCK ZONE!

Serah protects Moonside Dreams!

Terra protects Shattered Memories!

Terra protects Syl's Blog!

Terra protects Hoshi!

Thancred protects wormworld!

Tifa protects Coeurl!

Vanille protects Mizuki's World!

Vincent protects Witchlighter!

Vincent protects Virtual Vampire!

Y'shtola protects Vampire Smile!

Yazoo & Loz protects Sephiria!

Yuffie protects Silent!

Yuna protects Lovesick!

Yuna protects SPARKLE!

Yunalesca protects Engels Beginning!